Article 23.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

'Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.' 

The Challenge

It is commonly known that there are many employees and volunteers operating under unwarranted pressure and stress in their workplace due to adult bullying. (Although known, the scale and magnitude of the issue have not previously been quantified).

It is also known that many employers/managers may well be aware of these issues, but do not have the knowledge or the tools to address them or feel they cannot ‘afford’ the resources required to address these problems.

WorkRight23 have a proprietary portal* to securely and confidentially capture and measure instances of adult bullying in the workplace, and tools to provide solutions for targets, witnesses, bystanders, AND businesses/organisations.

Our lofty Vision is to eliminate adult bullying in the workplace, and we believe that over time and with the right resources, this is achievable, providing better outcomes for employees, employers, businesses/organisations, and the wider community and economy.

Akin to “Me Too” but with the advantage of information being based on quantifiable evidence-based data, we invite you to be a part of our vision to eliminate adult bullying from the workplace.

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Employees/volunteers as Targets or Witnesses, register on our proprietary portal* to securely create and capture an ongoing record of their adult bullying experiences. From this ‘big data,’ WorkRight23 can quantify the permeation of adult bullying in organisations.


Along with the ongoing ability of targets/witnesses/bystanders to confidentially keep a record of their account of events within the WorkRight23 proprietary portal*, WorkRight23 provides comprehensive resources and information to help empower people experiencing adult bullying in the workplace. This includes tools to navigate their choice of options applicable to their own personal situation. It is our goal to empower each to make informed decisions relating to their course of action.


WorkRight23 believes businesses/organisations can enhance their business performance, saving money and reducing costs when they are a ‘good’ and cognisant employer. We carry out an individual audit and provide a personalised report and action plan to guide businesses/organisations to a commercially viable environment which is best for both the organisation, and their employees/volunteers.


WorkRight23 provides evidence-based data and reporting to help Government and associated agencies to guide legislation and management.


As should be expected, all personal data entered into the WorkRight23 proprietary portal* is securely protected and remains the personal property of the person recording their story.

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